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Header of POST on FailedMessiah August 24, 11

The Whole Story about this apology is a sad joke, and this whole business about his emails being read out of context is even a sicker joke. As Shmarya Rosenberg (no family relation) wrote on FailedMessiah, I spoke to Rabbi Feldman face to face, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is stubbornly of the opinion that reporting a molester to the police is mesirah.
    I understand that this whole settlement and apology between Rabbi Feldman and the AJN is purely a legal maneuver to avoid a legal battle (read on FailedMessiah a more precise explanation). As you may notice, there are two versions of the AJN apology on FM, since Feldman could not wait until the text was finally approved by both sides and published in the paper, and emailed (read leaked) the article to anybody he felt like.
     I communicated with Rabbi Moshe D. Gutnick, the administrator of The Kashrut Authority, by email, and he informed me that Rabbi Feldman was reinstated because "he only was speaking in theory", and that as a consequence he (Rabbi Gutnick) resigned from the Rabbinic Council.
     In an email to FaileMessiah, dated August 29, (notice that this was written 3 days after the publication of the apologies by both parties) Rabbi Feldman attacks me personally in an undignified way, writing as follows:

Re Rabbi Rosenberg. I don't know what he reported or even what he or someone in his family may have been up to in the past that he may be trying to cover up, being such a proponent... but besides the many discrepancies reported, one vital thing that was omitted (as was with the AJN) as mentioned above was me asking him that just as police get experts to verify etc., what's wrong if a Rabbi also involves experts initially as principals do, according to the law, before they're required to report abuse, to which he had no response. I actually was quite surprised when he told me that he immediately reports abuse to the police before hearing  details from the victim. I just wonder if a son of his was accused of molesting a child whether he would immediately report it. Actually maybe I'll accuse a son of his (as many may do when they have an issue with someone...) and let's see if he'll go running to the police... LOL.. I don't understand how he's taken so seriously...

I never told him to stop giving speeches and I actually allowed him to talk to teachers and others in Yeshiva of the good he has achieved and the importance of vigilance in this area etc.
It is true that he let me speak in the school, I don't think he had much of a choice as there was a big demand to hear me. Mrs. Gabriella Aber who is the principal of the school, actually asked me to speak, and there was no mention that I am going to say that police should be called. On the other hand had he asked me if I am going to say "call the police" and he would still have banned me from speaking, it would have been a dead giveaway of his policy forbidding reporting molestation, and he wouldn't have been able to claim that it was only theory.
     Coming back to our discussions both on the 18th and on the 22nd of August. First of all, the part highlighted in green, is a blatant lie, I explained to him that rabbis have no resources to properly investigate these crimes and that there will always be a rabbi that is somehow connected to the perpetrator and would therefore cover up for him, and he kept arguing, that Jews don't go to gentiles with their problems - I wonder why he treathens AJN and Shmarya with going to the gentiles - He also had with him a Kollel man by the name of Shabse Tayar, who kept helping him out with the argument of not going to the goyim because of mesirah.
     If he is of the same opinion like the Agudah as he claims to be, it is bad news. The Agudah still has a policy of going to the the rabbis, and when Mr. Zwiebel who runs the Agudah was on the Zev Brenner Radio Show, he kept repeating to every caller that you have to go first to the rabbis so that they can ascertain if there are raglayim ledovori (probable cause), and when one caller asked him point blank "If a child comes home telling his parents that so and so pulled down his trousers and touched him where he was not supposed to, if that is enough reason to go direct to the police". His answer was "Ask this of a rabbi". The caller further asked "can you give me the name of one rabbi that is competent to answer this question", and he drew a blank.
     According to this theory, Levi Aron should have also been reported to the rabbis, not the police.
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