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נייער האטליין נומער - New Hotline Number

איך האב בעזרת השם א נייעם נומער פאר די האַטליין ‑ With G-d's help I have a new Hotline number

262-3714 (951)

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איר קענט אויך לאזען א מעסעדזש אין באקס 101 You can also leave a message in Box 101 -

מספר חדש – נייער נומער – בארץ ישראל

מען דארף שוין נישט רופן קיין חו"ל צו הערן דעם האטליין

לא צריכים כבר לחייג לחו"ל להאזין ל"הוטליין"

חייג - רופט: 079-934-1421


OLD Hot-line at 712 432-8788
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?Do you know where your children are

אויב איינער מאלעסטעד דיך אדער דיין קינד, רוף דעם נומער: 718-330-5600 NYPD Sex Crimes Unit,

If someone molests you or your child Call : NYPD Sex Crimes Unit, 718-330-5600

In other areas, call the appropriate Law Enforcement Authorities


תקנות פון בלאג: יעדער קען שרייבען תגובות, אבער נישט קיין ניבול פה, באליידיגען אדער סטראשענען, ווער עס וועט נישט איינהאלטען די תקנות וועט מען חוסם זיין.
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If you are aware of any molestation in the Jewish community, please report it to the proper authorities, and then please send us an emil with as many details as possible, so we can follow up and warn the Tzibur
This Blog is here for a purpose - to fight pedophilia and znus, not for snide remarks, filthy comments or threats

וועם עס געפעלט נישט וואס איך שרייב אדער זאג אויף דע האטליין האט א ברירה זיך זעצן לערנען

איך וויל קיינעם נישט מכשיל זיין מיט ביטול תורה – איך בין נאר דא צו ברענגען א תועלת פאר אידישקייט


קליקט דא צו הערען די שיעורים

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Email From An Admirer

As a Big fan of you from day one , and you know me ,I argue with people about you
Little story in summer at my bungalow colony, on shabbos the discussion about you and your hot line came up , one so called Shiner Yid, got up and said Nuchem is killing the youth, and nobody would want their kids to listen, he is talking on rabbnumin , and he went on and on , until A yingerman gets up and says can I ask you something ? he said go ahead there was about 20 people there, he asked this guy do we all agree there is a major crisis, a holocaust crises ,about not accepting buchrom in yeshivas because they are not called a metizion   ? He says yes ,do we all agree this is shaking the core of yiddeshkiet we are loosing hundreds of yidden everyday, he says look the rabbnumin are fighting with each other not talking to each other , all of them all of a sudden  put their difference in a side  to come together against a kol kora against Nuchme
Don’t you think this really shows the real color of the rabbunim, you have a holocaust burning ,and there is no house that does not have a problem these days with yeshivas ,or chadarim, you go to your rabbi they all say the same think ,yes it’s a problem what can you do , where is the rabbunim about this issue, everybody was quite and he was dumb founded with this yingerman response, and the yingerman went out and said this is exactly what numchem is talking about, if you touch their rabbunim business, they get together like the costar nostra the Mob families, but if there is a real burning issue that everybody in klal Israel one way or the other is suffering ,the answer is what can you do ?and everybody said yes this yingerman is right
Now Reb Numchem I plea to you scale back a bit on the molestation issue, you already won this battle hands up, and you will go down in history as a hero that got this issue to the forefront and everybody knows its all your credit
Start working about the yeshiva problem, you are the only one in today’s day that can take on this major project and succeed , you will be the Steve Jobs in our community, you will put the rabbunim to shame like never before, because even the people who still cant face the fact that you have won the battle and they criticize you , when you talk about the yeshivas they pick up their hand, and say this issue I must say Nuchme is 100 percent right, Reb Nuchem I just went true this issue, I tell you that you have no clue how big the problem is, and how much pain there is in our community with this issue.
And its crossed every boundary, it used to be if a buchir was a bum he had problems which was a discussion , but today its not anymore a bum that has problems, we are talking about the best of the best, they have one issue there not the Ren Akiva Eigar head, and there are hundreds and hundreds, and mabey thousands with this issue ,  and trust me on this , you will win on this issue hands up, and you will win the hearts and minds of the klal, and this will put the nail in the coffin on the rabbunim, because they are so afraid on this issue because they know every yingerman that has a yeshiva problem they come to their rav and there is nothing that that rav will or can do ,so then the question all of sudden comes up to this yingerman  his mind starts opeing up   as you say what exactly are the rabbunim here  for
I just called a Rosh yeshiva and told him, I had in mind on the second day Rosh Hashanah, the first day when I said mi Yichya and Mi Yumis ,I saw my grandmother telling me about Mengele yms selecting right and left 
The second day I saw you the Rosh yeshiva do the same selection right and left Mi Yichya and Mi Yumis   , all I can say I really keep you in mind in my prayers and so probably thousands of yidden who daven for you , you are the only Hero among us, not many have the guts and the zechus, to do what you can do, all i can say is wishing you a chsiva vachasima tova and may hashem give you the strength to keep going we need you
Thank you