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איך האב בעזרת השם א נייעם נומער פאר די האַטליין ‑ With G-d's help I have a new Hotline number

262-3714 (951)

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חייג - רופט: 079-934-1421


OLD Hot-line at 712 432-8788
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?Do you know where your children are

אויב איינער מאלעסטעד דיך אדער דיין קינד, רוף דעם נומער: 718-330-5600 NYPD Sex Crimes Unit,

If someone molests you or your child Call : NYPD Sex Crimes Unit, 718-330-5600

In other areas, call the appropriate Law Enforcement Authorities


תקנות פון בלאג: יעדער קען שרייבען תגובות, אבער נישט קיין ניבול פה, באליידיגען אדער סטראשענען, ווער עס וועט נישט איינהאלטען די תקנות וועט מען חוסם זיין.
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This Blog is here for a purpose - to fight pedophilia and znus, not for snide remarks, filthy comments or threats

וועם עס געפעלט נישט וואס איך שרייב אדער זאג אויף דע האטליין האט א ברירה זיך זעצן לערנען

איך וויל קיינעם נישט מכשיל זיין מיט ביטול תורה – איך בין נאר דא צו ברענגען א תועלת פאר אידישקייט


קליקט דא צו הערען די שיעורים

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I received this by email

This Frankfurter is missing some sour-kraut!!
I just finished listening to Frankfurter on the radio and I have a hard time wrapping my head around the insanity of this kind of person. This Frankfurter is missing some sour-kraut!! It's amazing that people like him write magazines for our community. It's completely backward, primitive, retarded, naive, and so twisted it makes me sick. He obviously cares more about protecting his twisted image of the community than dealing with reality. He is the type of person that would smack his own kid, if his kid would come home and tell him that he was just molested.
The only explanation of a mindset like Frankfurter is that he is in denial. He even said that he doesn't believe the story where the Rabbi told the victim to apologize. I must assume that he is also in denial about the existence of child abuse altogether. I honestly believe that he doesn't believe any of these stories. He pretty much admitted to that when he compared sexual abuse victims to cancer patients and ordinary kids with problems. So with that said, they only way he sees this, is that it's an attack on his beloved community. He feels threatened by this attack because he has a comfortable position as somewhat of an important member of this community, as editor-in-chief of one of its main publications. His status is being threatened.
So why doesn't he want to believe that sexual abuse is real and happening here? Because accepting that fact would require him to take his head out of the sand for a moment and look around and smell the coffee of reality. And would he to dare do that, his whole existence of lies and the false image he has created for himself about the “Frum Community” would fall apart instantly, and he wouldn't be able to continue to function as a human being. Freud once said “denial is a mechanism of the immature mind, because it conflicts with the ability to learn from and cope with reality”
And when brings with him Pinny Taub to continue his denying of sexual abuse in our community, he is in essence continuing to molest Pinny Taub all over again. Frankfurter is in 'intentional denial' and is smart enough to use Pinny Taub as a tool to protect his rotten unconscious. People like him, who put their religion and self image before the innocent children are no better than Hitler who put his ideology and Aryan-nation image before innocent children. We need to continue speaking out and destroying people like Frankfurter, and as Barry Goldwater once said “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!