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Asher Lipner Writes


Letter from Asher Lipner, Ph.D., about NY Post readers’ outrage at Rabbinic sex abuse cover ups.
Dear Friends and Fellow Advocates,
It is sad that it had to come to this, but let’s face it, we all knew it would. For some reason, G-d only knows, the Jewish people of Brooklyn are so brainwashed by their rabbis that there is no outrage about the fact that the rabbis put their children at risk for rape and molestation. Yeshiva Torah Temima where the administration knew about serious allegations of child sexual abuse for decades, has not seen a decline in enrollment despite its horrific crimes. Charles Hynes has not investigated the yeshiva the way that Penn State University and the Catholic Church and others have been for endangering the welfare of children. Neither has he investigated Ohel Children’s Home and Faimly Services for its history of covering up for child molesters. And the Jewish community is silent. Dark and dreary silence for the hundreds of children who are being abused. Painful and protracted silence for the thousands who have suffered for years. Silence so thick you can cut it with a knife, or with the razor blades that too many sexual abuse survivors have taken to using on their bodies.
Where is the outrage? Mark Appel and I and other advocates went to the Chanuka Party of Charles Hynes last year, where we met up with Abe Biderman, a bigwig in Agudath Israel. We asked him if the Agudah was ever in this lifetime going to take steps to stop abuse. He was nervous and evasive, but he sadly said, “Yes, it is our children. It is our children.”
In other words. If rabbis want to protect Jewish criminals who hurt other people’s children, it may be morally wrong, but understandable in human nature. But this makes no sense. The criminals being protected are not money launderers and tax cheats. We are not talking about Orthodox Jewish bank robbers being given sanctuary. This is not about drug pushers being given a soft touch because they are “nice yeshiva boys”. The criminal prosecutions that the rabbis are obstructing Mr. Hynes from pursuing are those who hurt “our own children”. This truly defies any kind of logic. As Jeff Anderson, lawyer for the victims of the coach at Penn State said: The harsh real lesson we must all learn is not to ever allow communal institutions and their reputations and finances and embarrassment, come first before the safety of innocent children.
We have not learned that yet. Not once did a single rabbi call for an investigation into an alleged molester in all of Brooklyn. Not once did any Orthodox institution show solidarity with victims of abuse by coming with them on the lonely journey through prosecution of their abusers. Au contraire, the rabbis and the community have shown up en mass to show support for the molesters like Yona Weinberg, Baruch Meir Lebovitz, Yudi Kolko, and Emanuel Yegutkin. (There are Thillim groups all over saying Psalms and praying for Yegutkin to be let out of jail free, and no such groups for his young and courageous victims.)
So, we need the intelligent and compassionate readers of the NY Post to save us from ourselves. Baruch Hashem there is hope! Even Charles Hynes, who is in the pocket of the rabbis, still knows three letters he would like to avoid: F B I. And G-d willing, with the light being brought by the Post, we may yet hear from them soon!
Last Updated: 3:35 AM, December 1, 2011
Posted: 10:22 PM, November 30, 2011
The Issue: The arrests of 89 Orthodox Jewish men over the past two years on child -abuse charges.
Michael Lesher has every reason to be suspicious of Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes’ claims to be cracking down on child sex abuse in the Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn (Breaking the Silence,” PostScript, Nov. 27).
Hynes has been in the pocket of this religious voting bloc for many years, and this is a major reason why the rabbis feel free to instruct their brethren not to cooperate with the police with respect to crimes committed by members of the Orthodox community.
Hynes has long been a disgrace to his position, and the special treatment accorded to the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn by his office and by the police is a scandal of huge proportions.
Angela Reiss
Lesher closes his article by stating that “the DA has made the right first step. All good people must encourage the next one.” I agree.
The information, if factually correct, is disturbing on several levels. Equal to the crimes against the most vulnerable of our society is the lack of public information and outrage at the damage being done to the children.
If public outrage and indictments rooted out clerical abuse by Roman Catholic clerics, it’s reasonable to assume that the same would work to help the children of the Orthodox community.
Lesher should be commended, and The Post should keep the pressure on to help the children.
Thomas Ryan
Bravo to Hynes.
First and foremost, children have the right to be protected and kept safe from those predators.
Lesher is also to be commended for bringing this to the public’s attention in a very strong and intelligent article.
It is my fervent hope that these Orthodox Jewish men will be publicly named, prosecuted and jailed for their crimes against children.
The very secretive and extremely isolated rabbis and their community in Brooklyn have no right to allow those vile men to hide and not be punished.
Susan Daglian