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אויב איינער מאלעסטעד דיך אדער דיין קינד, רוף דעם נומער: 718-330-5600 NYPD Sex Crimes Unit,

If someone molests you or your child Call : NYPD Sex Crimes Unit, 718-330-5600

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This Frankfurter is Rather Sauerkraut

Mr. Frankfurter. You showed your true colors when you defended Davis Twersky of New Square (Connunist Russia) after he had a fellow Jew burned and almost killed. You are a perfect pair with Pinny Taub who was molested by Lipa Templer, pray tell me Mr. Frankfurter, who molested you, that you have such a twisted mind.
And now read Vicki Polin's article
Vicki Polin, Skokie Sexual Abuse Examiner
December 7, 2011
Often, we hear accusations from members of a religious community that someone within that community is a self-hating Catholic, Mormon or Jew. This has become increasingly common in discussions about religions covering up sex crimes and other forms of abuses within their own communities. We all have to stop and wonder who the real self haters are. Is it those who are fighting to protect the rights of children and adults who were sexually abused, or is it those who appear to take a vow to protect the sexual predators living within the religious community or the world internationally? The term “self-hating Jew”, is a saying that seems to be thrown around in the ultra-orthodox Jewish community all too often towards other Jews whose views differ or does or says something they disagree with.
Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter recently wrote an editorial in Ami magazine which he is the editor of and is geared towards the orthodox Jewish community, in which he attacked Dr, Michael J. Salamon, calling him a “self hating Jew”. Why you might ask? The answer is that Dr. Salamon wrote one of Amazon’s best selling books, “Abuse in the Jewish community
To the best of my knowledge Rabbi Frankfurter has no education, training or experience working within the anti-rape movement. He is not unlike many other rabbis who have jumped on the bandwagon to attack anyone who is an activist in educating the religious world of the issues and ramifications sex crimes plays in our communities
Rabbi Frankfurter went on to insinuate that Dr. Salamon’s newest book “Abuse in the Jewish community”, was a blood libel against the Orthodox community perpetrated not by Catholics, but my our secular brethren”. To be honest, I along with so many others who have been advocating for the civil rights of survivors of sex crimes, feel that it is people like Rabbi Frankfurter whose ignorant comments and actions have been driving Jewish orthodox survivors away from Judaism are the ones who are creating the newest type of pogrom against our people. Not only are these folks giving out misinformation and covering up sex crimes -- they are also doing their best to pit Jew against Jew, creating an atmosphere of cult like behavior. A few weeks ago we learned that at the recent Agudath Israel convention, there was a private meeting in which they discussed how they best could use the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office to bypass making hotline reports and further promote various sexual predators offending behaviors. We all must be aware that according to studies, one sex offender will molest at least 117 times within their lifetime --- leaving possibly 117 new victims. Not only does this alter the lives of the survivors, yet it also changes the dynamics of their family members and their communities
It seems that the singular purpose of Rabbi Frankfurter’s appearance on the Zev Brenner radio show where he originally appeared with Dr. Salamon was apparently to negate what Dr Michael Salamon had to say. Frankfurter was loud and repeatedly interrupted the psychologist who has years of experience working with survivors of child abuse and other forms of abuse. He was generally rigid in his statements on the topic. Based on his comments it was clear that he was uninformed on the issues so Dr. Salamon asked him on air if he had even bothered to read the book. The Rabbi was forced to admit that he had not but had read only the back cover where there were several approbations, one of which he objected to. Nevertheless, he continued to attack the book and even attacked Dr. Salamon’s personhood on air. Based on what he wrote it would appear that he was on a different radio show entirely.
In Rabbi Frankfurter’s editorial which appeared the week after the radio show he stated “Abuse is a global problem”, while simultaneously rejecting the fact that it exists as it does in the Orthodox world. Resorting to character assassination he called Dr. Michael Salamon a self-hating Jew with an anti-charedi bias without knowing him or any of his beliefs. In response to a question from the show’s host regarding why some people are leaving the charedi world Dr Salamon quoted from a Jerusalem Post article written by a former member of that world who had left it because of the overwhelming need of members of that world to be controlling and rejecting of those who wish to approach issues realistically. In his article the Rabbi objected to that as well, also likely without first reading the article
The question of self-hatred is not an open one. Individuals who use their positions of power to deny reality and attack those who are trying to help others are the true self haters. 

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