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New Square teen accused of attempted sex abuse
Cops: Cleaning women picked up in car, robbed
2:19 AM, Dec. 31, 2011
Written by Steve Lieberman
RAMAPO — A New Square 17-year-old has been accused of robbing two women he picked up under the guise of hiring them to clean his house, and of trying to sexually abuse one of them.
Pinches Surkis is charged with robbery involving purse snatchings reported Nov. 10 and Dec. 20 by two women, Ramapo Detective Sgt. John Lynch said Friday. Surkis also is charged with third-degree attempted sexual abuse as a result of the November incident.
In both cases, Surkis picked up a woman walking on the street and drove her around or to a specific location before asking her for sex, Lynch said. The women were Hispanic and cleaned houses for a living. They were walking either to or from their jobs, he said.
On Nov. 10, Surkis drove a woman to Wesley Hills Park on Willow Tree Road, Lynch said. He tried to have her perform oral sex, and when she refused, he forcibly took her pocketbook, stealing her cellphone, police said. She left the car, and he drove off.
On Dec. 20, Surkis picked up a 32-year-old woman walking on Maple Avenue near Monsey Boulevard, police said. As he drove her around, he solicited sex from her, police said. When she refused, he grabbed her pocketbook, police said. She was able to get out of the car on Hempstead Road at Brick Church Road, where she got help and the police were called, Lynch said.
“His motivation was to steal their money,” Lynch said.
Surkis, who lives on Bush Lane in New Square, was arrested Wednesday after an investigation by Ramapo police detectives. He was arraigned on two counts of third-degree robbery and one count of third-degree attempted sexual abuse by Ramapo Justice Rhoda Schoenberger.
Schoenberger set Surkis’s bail at $50,000 and sent him to the county jail in New City, where he remained Friday.
Lynch said detectives were investigating several similar incidents, though the descriptions of the main suspect in those cases don’t match Surkis.
Lynch said detectives have not ruled out Surkis being involved.
We will reinterview our victims,” Lynch said. “We’re looking at a possible other suspect.”

 Weekend December 31 January 1, 2011 / 2012

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New Square teen arrested on robbery charges

RAMAPO – A New Square youth is in the Rockland County Jail in lieu of $50,000 following an investigation into two robberies.  Pinches Surkis, 17, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of third-degree robbery and one count of third-degree attempted sexual abuse.
On November 10, a man drove up alongside a woman walking alone in Wesley Hills and offered to pay her to clean his house. After she got into his car, he asked her to have sex with him. After she declined, he stole her cell phone and pocketbook before she was allowed to get out.
In a similar incident on December 20 in New Hempstead, the suspect approached a woman walking alone in Monsey and offered the victim to clean his house. She got into his car at which time he asked her for sex. She decline and he stole her phone and pocketbook. She was able to escape on Hempstead Road and ran for help.
Ramapo Police are urging women to be cautious when approached or offered work by strangers. Police are also asking anyone else who may have been approached by Surkis or may have any information about him to call them at 845-357-2400.

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