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Guest Post by One of My Followers

The Kletzky Saga–And What we have taken from it

It seems as if the Kletzky-Aron disaster has finally come to an end today, when the butcher was sentenced to a well-deserved 40 years behind bars. May he rot there in misery for the rest of his pitiful life and pay the price for the horrendous slaughter he comitted on the poor little shefeleh.
But wait a minute; The parsha is not over after all. The Kletzkys filed a multi-million dollar law suit against the parents of the butcher, claiming that they “Must have known something” and therefore they are to blame.
So before we digest this, let me preface by saying, my heart goes out to the Kletzky family and no human should ever deal with such a tragedy. That said, I have a several questions:
First: The Kletzkys released a statement earlier last month, that they agreed to the “Plea-Bargain” in order to avoid a trial and “Put this tragic incident behind them” and not ever have to deal with it. So the million-dollar question here, is how will they “Put this tragic incident behind them” if they are continuing with a lawsuit.
  • The butcher Levi, has been a frequent guest in the house of the elder Mr. Kletzky, and there is a possibility (more likely a probability) that the two had contact before (sexual or non-sexual) and that this meeting was arranged.
  • The Video shows Leiby waiting at the corner for close to 20 minutes, while many adults (mothers and fathers) walked by, and he did not reachout to anyone, yet when Aron walks by, he instantly follows him without hardly saying a word. What does that show us?
Without going in to details that just don’t add up, we have here a million-dollar-question that might not be so popular or acceptable, but yet it must be asked.
Is it possible that the Kletzkys wanted to avoid a trial for fear of what a trial might reveal? Is it possible that there is more to the story that we were let on to believe?
Don’t get me wrong, no one is blaming the Kletzkys for the murder, however there might be things that could have been avoided. There might be some measures that should have beeb taken, like never letting your kid go to a grandparent when there are strangers in the house, or telling the grandparents “you cannot have your grandchildren with strangers in the house.
Now, I know what most of you are thinking. Why bring this up? Why torture the parents all over again? But the answer is simple. It is called “Not letting the death go in vein”
Every community learns from past mistakes, and this would be the perfect opportunity for the Kletzkys to get the community’s attention and educate them, so that this little poor’s soul sacrifice has not been totally in vain.
Instead of immediately setting up a money account and preying on people’s emotions, they should have rather build on the tragedy and made some good come out of it.
There are millions of organizations around the world that have been created this way. For Example: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) was created by a mother that lost her child to a drunk driver, that  organization educated millions of teenagers across the nation, and so are numerous of others.
So the timing was perfect to educate the public about inviting strangers to your house, about the danger  this poses to children, yet no one took advantage of it, because they want to put it past them, but somehow forget to put it past them when suing the butcher’s parent, besides the point, that the poor parents are good and law abiding citizens that didn’t ask for this and did nothing wrong.
I know the answer, and it is very simple, it is the same answer as for all other white-washing that goes on in our community. When the leaders are rotten, they will not let the public do what’s right, for fear that they will catch on to their tricks. Very, very pathetic.