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אויב איינער מאלעסטעד דיך אדער דיין קינד, רוף דעם נומער: 718-330-5600 NYPD Sex Crimes Unit,

If someone molests you or your child Call : NYPD Sex Crimes Unit, 718-330-5600

In other areas, call the appropriate Law Enforcement Authorities


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סקווערער רשעים - Squeer'er Reshoim

דער סקווערער רשע

די סקווערער רשעים האבן שוין "געפיקסט" נאך א "מאלעסטעישען קעיס". וואס זיי זאגען אז מען האט דעם טויבענפעלד געגעבן א "פלי בארגין" צו פארשוינען דעם בחור ער זאל נישט דארפען גיין אין געריכט עדות זאגן, איז שקר וכזב, איך האב נארוואס אויפגעהאנגען דעם טעלפאן מיט דעם בחור, און ער איז דורכאויס באליידיגט וואס מען האט עם אויסגעשפילט, ווייל ער האט זיך געבעטן ביים ADA אז ער איז גרייט צו גיין צו א "טרייעל" אויב דאס וועט העלפן איינשפארען דעם מנובל. ארויפצולייגן די שולד פאר דעם נארישען אורטייל טוט נישט מער ווי שיטען זאלץ אויף די וואונדען. עס איז אויכעט דא א רעקארדינג וואס די פאליציי האבן אויפגעכאפט ווי טויבענפעלד איז מודה אז ער האט דעם בחור מאלעסטעט.
The Tsodik of SQeer
The reshoim of New Square fixed another molestation case, they claim that they gave Taubenfeld a plea-bargain “to spare the child from having to testify”, which is a blatant lie, I just hung up the phone with this young man, who by all means is not a child anymore, and he is utterly offended that he has been misled. He tells me that he kept begging the ADA that he is willing to go to trial if that is what it takes to have the abuser locked up, putting the blame for this sweet deal on the victim, is only adding insult to injury. The police also have a recording of Taubenfeld admitting to having molested the boy.

Jan. 30, 2013 1:29 PM
Written by
Herschel Taubenfeld Molester
NEW SQUARE — A teacher has been classified as a low-level sex offender based upon his recent conviction for forcibly touching a young boy.
Herschel Taubenfeld pleaded guilty earlier this month to the misdemeanor charge as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors in New Square Justice Court. The agreement spared the child from having to testify.
Ramapo police originally charged Taubenfeld in 2011 with 30 misdemeanors – 10 counts each of forcible touching, endangering the welfare of a child, and third-degree sexual abuse.
On Monday night, Taubenfeld underwent a classification hearing before Justice Stewart Salles, the longtime elected judge for the Skver Hasidic Jewish community in New Square.
Taubenfeld, who lives at 92 N. Garfield Drive in New Square, was classified as a level 1 offender, based on a total score that takes in his criminal history, the crime, and other aspects of his life.
A level 1 determination means he’s a low risk to repeat his offense, according to the state Division of Criminal Justice Services website. As a Level 1, his name will not appear on public data-bases of sex offender or police notification of the community.
A Level 2 is a moderate risk while a Level 3 classification means the person is a high risk and a threat to the public safety.
Those sex offenders can be found on the state sex registry and their address and personal information is made available by the police to public and private agencies, like schools, libraries, and day-care centers.
For advocates of children who’ve been sexually assaulted, Taubenfeld’s also was the first sexual abuse case prosecuted in the New Square community, said Rabbi Noson Leiter, the founder of Help Rescue Our Children, an Orthodox Jewish children’s advocacy group. Leiter also heads Torah Jews for Decency in Monsey.
Leiter and other advocates have claimed some community leaders keep the lid on sexual abuse and other crimes, pressuring families and survivors to steer clear of reporting abuse to police and testifying in court.
Leiter said that despite the lack of jail time in the Taubenfeld case, “this case sends a message that sometimes a strong victim can actually force a plea with incarceration.”
Leiter said Taubenfeld's admission to molestation charges confirms that current New Square leadership clearly failed to stop him.

“Thus, New-Square families need the leadership and assistance of those outside of Square to protect their innocent children,” he said, “and to raise them in the spirit of holiness, on which the Village of New-Square was originally founded."

“We still have no idea of how many other victims may be suffering in silence,” Leiter said.
For more information on the New York State Sex Offender Registry: http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/nsor/
Help Rescue Our Children can be reached at 845-642-1679.