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If someone molests you or your child Call : NYPD Sex Crimes Unit, 718-330-5600

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Open Letter by Meyer Seewald

Open Letter To Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba & Rabbi Shea Hecht
Dear Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba & Rabbi Shea Hecht,
You both are men of prominence and have done immeasurable good for hundreds if not thousands of Jewish men, women, and children. The community looks to you for guidance and support and indeed you provide it. Countless have turned to you and have been helped by your advice and wisdom.
But, in a major way you have failed your community: you have failed to protect our innocent children from the worst of evils.
Rabbi Osdoba:
1) You were informed that Moshe Keller had allegedly abused children. Rather than confronting this appropriately, you simply referred the information to a colleague so you wouldn’t have to do anything. The police were not called, the community was not informed and more children were abused as a result of your inaction.
2) You were approached by a victim of abuse through a third-party and it was detailed to you how Leibel Blesofsky allegedly molested and raped this young boy. Not only did you do nothing, you virtually threatened this boy that if he came forward the whole community would know about it and he would never get married. Your words dissuaded this victim from pursuing any action. Your words served to ensure that Leibel Blesofsky would continue to roam the streets of Crown Heights, preying on more innocent children.
3) When you were contacted about another molester in the community, you were warned that he was a danger to children. You ignored the fact that he had stopped going to therapy, failed a polygraph test and that he had admitted to molesting children. Your response to all this was that he should go to mikvah every morning and twice on friday for his sins – right beside our precious children!
Rabbi Osdoba, because of your lack of action, because of your ignorant protection of Jews who had committed the most heinous of acts, an untold number of children had their lives stripped from them.
Rabbi Hecht:
1) When you found out that Zerach Scott Brown had and was molesting children, all you did was have him removed from our community. Yet, Brown continued to molest children from our community as well as children from others. Your feeble excuse for not doing more was that the parents of the victim did not want to press charges (which they would have had you informed them of their halachic to do so).
2) Moshe Keller moved to Crown Heights many years ago and despite you having seen the document that described the horrific things he had done to a child, you helped him settle in our community. With Keller being a close friend of yours, you chose to believe him innocent despite the reputable document.
Years later in 2007, a young man emailed you a detailed account of the abuse he experienced at the hands of Keller; but, you felt not the need to even respond to him. You neither provided support nor consolation to this young victim who had had taken the tremendous step of coming forward.
3) When a child came to you telling you of the devastating abuse he was subject to at the hands of Tzion Zuviv, you again failed to take action. Your reasoning was that it was another Jew and you weren’t sure what to do in this case.
Zuviv is now free and roaming the streets of Yerushalayim – his neighbors oblivious to the danger.
4) On another occasion, you had the audacity to defend Leibel Blesofsky claiming the victim was lying and that there was no truth to it all when you knew that there was substantial evidence confirming the abuse.
Rabbi Hecht, you present yourself as an advocate for victims – a leader for counsel and support; but, you have failed the community again and again. You have protected your friends and have continuously ignored the screams of victims.
Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, Rabbi Shea Hecht, these stories are just the tip of iceberg. They are but a few of the cover-ups you were an accessory to. We put our trust in you and you repaid us with deceit. How many children have these people molested because you didn’t refused to intercede.
To all the leaders, rosh yeshivas, camp directors etc. who have covered up these horrific crimes: how do you sleep at night? Look at all the Jewish souls that have been trampled on and destroyed! How many are not religious anymore? How many lives have been ruined because of you?
We recently commemorated the assassination of Gedaliah whose death is compared to the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash. Despite the holiness of Gedaliah, he was still considered a murderer.
It says in יִרְמְיָהוּ:
וְהַבּוֹר, אֲשֶׁר הִשְׁלִיךְ שָׁם יִשְׁמָעֵאל אֵת כָּל-פִּגְרֵי הָאֲנָשִׁים אֲשֶׁר הִכָּה בְּיַד-גְּדַלְיָהוּ The gemara explains that because Gedaliah was warned and still did nothing, he is regarded as the one who had killed them.
Rabbis, for every child that was molested because you failed to take action against a perpetrator that you were warned about, It is just like you molested them! And just as our organization serves to inform the public of child predators, we also have the obligation to expose those who have enabled them to hurt our children.
The days after Rosh Hashana leading to Yom Kippur, are designated as a time for teshuva. As the Rambam explains, teshuva implies a reversal of one’s conduct — a rec­ognition of past shortcomings, and a firm resolution to change in the future.
As prominent halachic authorities, surely you know what measures must be taken in order to properly rectify any misdeeds you have done. Recently, the Rabbinic Authority of Australia released a letter expressing their remorse for past actions and inactions. Their respectable gesture would stand tremendously if mirrored by you.
It is also important that a public announcement be made by each of you directing cases involving sexual abuse to go directly to the authorities and not to be circumvented by an inexperienced rabbinical figure. This announcement should also address the halachic imperative to go to the authorities if someone should have knowledge of an incident involving sexual abuse. Needless to say, by taking this initiative you must pay heed to your own words and examine your own historical accumulation of information. In the decades each of you stood as communal leaders, hundreds of cases of sexual abuse have crossed your path. It is time for you to for you to collect all the names of all the perpetrators and release them to the police and to the public.
This Yom Kippur, while your fist hits your chest, think about the children whose lives you helped destroy. Consider how many innocent boys and girls were abused because of your misguided ideals. Realize that you will never be able to personally ask mechila from all the victims whose blood is on your hands. Know that the abuse that you turned a blind eye to will linger because of you for years to come.
So while you daven, cry for the children. Cry for the mothers and fathers who bore witness to their child’s pain and suffering. Cry for the coming generations that will forever feel the resounding ripple of the abuse you helped commit.
Finally, accept that your past actions were wrong and vow to change your ways. Stand up and declare your resolve to help put a stop to this evil. Provide your support to the victims of these crimes and not to the perpetrators. Perhaps, after all this, when you stand before the Beis Din Shelmayla, the neshomos of the victims who stand there to testify against you, might forgive you.
Meyer Seewald,
Founder & Director
Jewish Community Watch