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?Are New Square Politicos Perpetuating Child-Molestation Beyond New-Square

There are credible reports that when the molestation cases of Hershel Taubenfeld (of New Square, NY) and Moishe Turner (of Monsey) had come close to trial, an influential New Square politico then urged Rockland DA Zugibe to spare BOTH deviants from being sentenced to prison- time, for their admitted, vile acts of homosexual child-molestation.
At the time, Taubenfeld was the beneficiary of a watershed miscarriage of Justice. Despite (1) the 30 counts of child-molestation charges against him, (2) a recorded admission, and (3) a credible and courageous victim willing to testify against him in court (composing a true-miracle case)  ̶̶ Taubenfeld got off with a plea-deal including a mere six-year probationary sentence ̶̶ and NO prison.
This specimen of injustice was handed down by the Judge. The Judge, also in private practice, is known as an appendage of New Square Village, serving in the figment of the New Square “Court,” as it’s known on paper.
However, as publicized by the News12.com expose of that scandal (August 29,2013), Rockland DA Zugibe admitted - with a straight face (forgive the pun)  ̶̶ recommending to the Judge that Taubenfeld do no prison time, in light of “the facts of the case.”
It seems that the Taubenfeld got the best outcome that New Square lobbying could buy. Turner also got off without prison, in a plea deal, but under seemingly different circumstances - involving influence on the family of the victim.
The question remains whether that New-Square political hacks are still pushing their contacts (in and out of government) in Rockland to help mass-molester Turner avoid doing prison time for his probation violations.
The answer to that may depend on WHY exactly New Square leaders would expend political capital on an “outside” perp ̶̶ even though he was “foon un’zereh” (‘one of ours’ ̶̶ ie., bisexual) -- with all their resources stretched so thin just protecting so many of the native criminals and perverts.
What precisely do Square leaders gain by exporting their corruption to Monsey? Perhaps New Square leadership wanted to stop ALL independent action vs. “community” molesters - realizing that Freedom anywhere threatens Tyranny everywhere. Perhaps they wanted to deter prosecution of molesters by anyone in range of their political saboteurs.
If so ̶̶ That would explain their actions then to sabotage the Turner case. Accordingly, they would likely STILL be lobbying to keep Turner free (and, by extension, dangerous).
The prospect of ongoing Squarer judicial sabotage is all the more reason for all of us to be vigilant in ensuring that those in positions of influence know where we stand. Public safety demands maximum isolation for Turner ̶̶ preferably in Antarctica ̶̶ but at the very least in a secure prison.
May the Master of Justice come down with unprecedented Divine Fury on the Amalekite individuals who have brazenly driven the New Square community to the brink of religious, moral, psychological, and social extinction. Amen.
“It takes a Village to molest a child.”