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If someone molests you or your child Call : NYPD Sex Crimes Unit, 718-330-5600

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Reposted from Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

Center for Jewish Family Life/Project YES

“Warning” Predators Doesn’t Work
Please Stand With Our Children and Help Put Convicted Child Molester Moshe Turner in Jail
Important Note: This concerted effort to protect our children and support the victims of Moshe Turner by requesting that he get a prison sentence for his heinous crimes, has the full support and backing of Monsey Rabbonim Rabbi Bezalel Rudinsky shlit'a, Rabbi Yosef Veiner shlit’a and Rabbi Chaim Schabbes shlit’a.
Those who oppose reporting predators to the authorities often justify their actions by stating that once the child molesters are “warned” or “scared” by rabbis and/or communal leaders, they will no longer pose a danger to children in their community.
However, this practice has been proven to be simply false, in addition to being illegal, irresponsible and immoral.
“Warning” predators only emboldens them, as we at Project YES pointed out in our August 2013 post titled, “Why Are Convicted Child Molesters Getting Probation?”.
Imagine that you are stopped by a traffic cop for speeding 20 MPH above the limit, and you manage to sweet-talk your way out of getting an expensive traffic ticket. Some would say that you will not speed again now that you have been “warned.”
But in all likelihood, many will be more likely to drive recklessly at high speeds in the future. Why? Because they just saw that there are no consequences for (even) being stopped by the police.
Truth be told, the analogy of the speeding ticket doesn't quite do justice to these abuse cases. A more accurate comparison would be to someone who gets off with a “warning” or probation for pistol-whipping and hijacking several children and then leading police on a 100-mile-an-hour chase.
“Warning” predators is a terrible, terrible way to deal with this matter.
There is only one solution for keeping our kids safe. Immediately report those who violate them to the authorities and lobby that they get the maximum prison sentence possible under the law.
This message is one that needs to be repeated again and again as Moshe Turner faces sentencing this coming Tuesday, January 7th for his parole violation.
Moshe Turner, a convicted Level 2 sex offender, has been abusing our precious children in Monsey for many, many years - despite being repeatedly “warned” and “scared” by rabbonim and lay people alike. Nearly every media report mentioned that it was common knowledge that Turner is a serial pedophile and he was, in fact, banished from a heimishe shul a while back for molesting children.
Turner, who admitted to raping and sodomizing one 14-year-old victim seven times, was only given 10 years' probation rather than the 7 year prison sentence he could have received. Prosecutors offered the non-jail plea agreement after the boy’s family members said they wanted to spare him from testifying in open court. He had testified previously before the grand jury.
Incredibly, Turner responded to his good fortune of avoiding prison time by
blaming his victim!! (click on the link to see the brazen chutzpah and profoundly sociopathic behavior of Turner in describing how the victim is to blame), and by violating his parole, for which he is facing sentence on January 7th.
My dear friends, we all need to cut through the denial (see “Could ThisPossibly Be True” posted on our website back in 2008 about a high-profile abuse case in Monsey to raise awareness about child safety) and cognitive dissonance.
We need to realize that predators are rodfim (murderers) and those who defend and protect them have our children's blood on their hands.
Most importantly, we need to send a loud and clear message that our children are not hefker.
I respectfully ask all members of our community to take the time to:
1.     Write a respectful email to the DA's office at info@rocklandcountyda.com, asking that his office request the maximum jail sentence for Turner.
2.       Write a similar note to The Honorable Judge William A. Kelly. Since there is no mechanism in place to email messages directly to the judge, please send the email to me at yhprojectyes@gmail.com before Monday noontime when I will print and deliver all emailed messages to his office.
Here is a sample email:
To the Honorable William A. Kelly
I implore you in the strongest terms possible to give the maximum jail sentence for Moshe Turner. This man is a threat to our children who has shown no remorse. In the past he has not been sentenced to prison time, and now he has violated his parole. The only way to protect our children from him is to put him behind bars for as long as the law allows.
May Hashem watch over all of our children and keep them safe and secure at all times.
Rabbi Yakov Horowitz
Dean, Yeshiva Darchei Noam of Monsey
Director, Project YES