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?Do you know where your children are

אויב איינער מאלעסטעד דיך אדער דיין קינד, רוף דעם נומער: 718-330-5600 NYPD Sex Crimes Unit,

If someone molests you or your child Call : NYPD Sex Crimes Unit, 718-330-5600

In other areas, call the appropriate Law Enforcement Authorities


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לשמחה מה זו עושה?


?Wolf! Did you show Nuchem or did Nuchem show you



אנטווערפען קאכט זיך

בעלזער ישיבה אין אנטווערפען האט ארויסגעשיקט אינגע בחורים'לעך גיין אין די הייזער ביינאכט נאך חנוכה ליכט נאך געלט.
זיי שיקן גרופעס פון 4 בחורים וואס לכאורה דארף דאס זיין א פארזיכערונג אז קיינער וועט זיי נישט חלילה טשעפען (מאלעסטען), אבער גיי ווייס אז דאס העלפט אויך נישט, ואין אפטרופוס לעריות.
בערך 7 אוהר זענען זיי אנגעקומען צום הויז פון הנואף המפורסם לשמצה, רועה זונות (נשג"ז) אהרן פרידמאן שר"י (בן ר' חיים שלמה ע"ה), ער האט זיי אריינגערופען אין שטוב און פארשלאסן די טהיר און זיי געהאלטן ביז 1 אזייגער. ארום 12 אזייגער האבן זיך צוויי פון די בחורים ארויסגעריסן און אנטלאפן, איינער פון די עלטערן האט זיך פארבינדן מיט'ן מנהל הרב דוב שטיינער וואס ער האט געמאכט א געוואלד און האט די אנדערע 2 ארויסגעראטעוועט 1 אזייגער פארטאג.
דאס איז זיכער אז קיין "בני יששכר" האט ער מיט זיי נישט געלערנט.
דער "קעיס" איז איצטער ביי די פאליציי.

אהרן פרידמאן מיט איינע פון זיינע נפקא'ס
Belzer Yeshiva in Antwerp sent out young boys collecting charity from homes on Chanukah night after candle lighting.
They send them out in groups of 4, which should be a deterrent against molestation, but go know that even 4 together won’t help.
About 7 o’clock they arrived at the door of the known pervert, philanderer Aaron Friedman. He invited them inside and locked the door and held them captive until 1 in the morning. Around midnight 2 of the boys escaped and 1 of the fathers alerted the headmaster Rabbi Dov Steiner who caused a storm and got the other 2 out by 1 o’clock.

You can rest assured that he didn’t teach them “chasidus”. The case is now by the Police.


נהג המונית החילוני החשוד בחטיפת ילדה חרדית בת 7




Same as people won't believe about the Taubenfelds drom New Square

Bill Cosby And Believability
Published: December 25th, 2014
As the number of accusers coming forward against Bill Cosby continues to grow, some of us seem shocked that someone so revered – a man in the public eye for more than 50 years – could allegedly have been a vicious predator and gotten away with it for so long.
It stuns us whenever a person with a sterling public image is accused of horrible crimes. It shakes our sense of justice when serious allegations against a famous role model are covered up or ignored.
Bill CosbyIn Cosby’s case, besides being a beloved entertainer, he has a doctorate in education; co-wrote a book with a respected Harvard professor on the problems of people suffering from low self-esteem, abandonment, fearfulness, sadness, and frustration; and has always been a staunch advocate for strong family and racial relations.
If even one of the many accounts we are hearing is true – and it needs to be emphasized that he denies all the allegations and hasn’t been tried or convicted on any of them – we would be left to wonder how someone so apparently caring, successful, and insightful could be such a miserable individual.
But individuals of prominence are able to get away with predatory behavior precisely because they display different behaviors in different settings. To the world at large they present themselves as sober and sensitive, full of guidance and understanding, while to their victims they reveal a wholly unexpected and even violent side.
Rumors about Cosby began to circulate years ago, to little effect. (In 2005, one alleged victim filed a civil claim against Cosby, who settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. The media paid fleeting attention to the story.) It was not simply that his star was too bright, though that was surely part of it; it was also our collective naiveté about sexual predators. We simply did not want to believe that such things could happen among “finer” people. If it were not that so many women have now come forward with the same allegations, we might still be quick to discount them.
Does this sound familiar? It should. The situation brings us back to how we choose to perceive abusers in our own community. Not long ago an individual from Europe contacted me about a case in Brooklyn. I had some peripheral involvement with that situation; the perpetrator is now in jail. The caller told me he knew the convicted man and still thinks he had been railroaded – in effect that he was the victim rather than the women he abused.
I explained that the authorities had properly investigated and that many victims had come forward to report what had been done to them. Not every victim’s testimony was used in the court case because they were all similar and unnecessary for the prosecution. It was impossible for the victims to have rehearsed their stories, but their experiences were very much the same and they had all been victimized in a similar way by this perpetrator. All of this pointed to their believability. Predators tend to have a modus operandi, a typical way of acting. I also told the caller that it is important for us to develop a sense of believability toward victims.
Just a few days later, I attended a shiur on ne’emanus – believability. The psak was that in cases of abuse there should be not even be a question – when a victim comes forward, a report must be made to the authorities. There might be a question only in cases with very young children, the rav added, citing a case from the 1970s that he said indicated very young children may be misdirected and therefore a question regarding their believability exists.
I knew about that particular case and informed him that when young children give details of sexual abuse – something they should otherwise have no knowledge of at that age – they are confirming that they had indeed been abused. The case he referenced had been dismissed on a technicality and in fact many of the predators were rearrested. I referred the rav to a book that examines this and similar cases: The Witch-Hunt Narrative by Ross Cheit (Oxford University Press), which dispels the myth that victims make up their stories and therefore should not be believed.
Victims are not usually quick to come forward to report what happened to them. And it is exceptionally rare that they are not telling the truth. Except in cases of custody, victims tell the truth. If there is any question, only properly trained investigators can do the necessary research. If we are to confront abuse, we must begin by believing the victims.
About the Author: Dr. Michael J. Salamon is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the author of numerous articles and books, most recently “Abuse in the Jewish Community” (Urim Publications).


כי ישבו אחים יחדיו


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עריות ושפיכות דמים



ראמענישע טאשן שניידער


חשוד בעבירות מין בקטינים הותקף בבית המשפט



אשה ובנותיה


Guest Post by Genendy Eisgrau

To the Vaad Harabonim of Baltimore
 and The Baltimore Frum Community
Over twenty years ago, when I disclosed that my father molested me, I was given the message that I would be better off dead than speaking my truth.
Back then, I believed the message that the rabbonim and my family gave me, and at the age of twenty two I survived a serious suicide attempt. A few years later, I was told by Rabbi Hopfer, through my family, that unless I agreed to keep quiet about my experiences I would receive the worst punishment in the Torah; Kares.
I could not survive and keep silent, and so I lost everyone that I loved.
On April 11, 2007, The Vaad Harabonim of Baltimore issued a letter to the community where you claimed to know something about child sexual abuse. (I am quoting directly from that letter)
“The greatest allies of the abuser are ignorance and silence. The abuser thrives in an environment where he is confident that his victims will not report what they have experienced, or where their reports of abuse will not be taken seriously.”
The Vaad Harabonnim of Baltimore have effectively created an environment where my father is confident that any victim of his, who dares to come forward, (and not many will dare, after the example you made of me) will not be believed or taken seriously.
You claimed in this letter that survivors are: “so richly deserving of your compassion and support.”
Yet, you abandoned me, and continue to abandon me.
You wrote that a single abuser will often have many victims.
Yet, you continue to allow my father to be in a position of power and authority over innocent children.
You wrote in your letter: “The damage that abuse can cause is devastating and potentially life altering; it commonly ruins an individual’s sense of self, their ability to trust others, and their ability to engage in a healthy intimate relationship.”
These things are all true.
I am, to this day, still dealing with the after effects of the abuse that I endured.
You wrote that your own poskim pasken that an abuser is a “rodef”, that he is incapable of teshuva, that publicizing his status as an abuser, while causing enormous damage to his own family, may be the only way to truly protect the community from him.
You claim in your letter to believe that abusers must be stopped, and that you have made terrible mistakes and that they haunt you. I am one of the mistakes that will haunt you.
I have nothing to hide. I offered to speak with you, as well as to allow you to speak with my therapist, and you ignored me. My offer still stands.
Everything you wrote in this seven year old letter is true ... and yet, you have not been capable of applying it in a situation where you know and trust the perpetrator.
Dr. David Pelcovitz, a community expert on this topic, often says that the closer you are to the perpetrator, the more you can identify with him, the less likely you will be to see the truth, and the stronger will be your denial. You all know and trust my father. Some of you knew my grandfather. None of you know me, as an adult, nor have you tried to know me.
You are all allies of an abuser. You are all still failing to protect our children from abuse.
Some of you may not be aware that I was not always considered crazy. I was actually, according to my bosses at the time, Rabbi Velvel Rosen and Sara Itzkowitz, one of the best pre-school teachers in T.I. That is, until I spoke my truth and tried to get help.
In Israel for the past nine years, I ran a progressive and very successful early childhood program: www.ganulpan.org
When I heard about Eliyahu Goode's death, I felt his neshama crying out to me and I thought it was because he, like I, was also an abandoned victim of child sexual abuse from our community. It was only afterward that I realized that Eliyahu had been a student of mine, when he was five, and I was twenty, and teaching pre-1-A at Torah Institute. Eliyahu was a sweet boy, and a good boy. He too needed and deserved your support.
I know, Hashem knows, and Eliyahu knows, that I am doing everything I can to express what he and what so many other victims of child sexual abuse in the Torah community cannot say, because we have been silenced and shamed by you, the rabbonim.
I think it is a mistake for rabbonim, or anyone else, to think that they can judge between me or my father, or evaluate my mental status.
The fact that my father has more than one serious allegation against him raises doubt about his safety around children. Attacking an alleged victim's mental health to prove non-credibility, is as ridiculous as saying that a girl can't possibly be anorexic since she weighs seventy five pounds and barely eats.
It is a fact, that in many cases, child sexual abuse and incest cause mental health issues, just as anorexia causes weight loss. In my case, and all cases of alleged child sexual abuse, assessing risk is appropriate. Judgment is not.
Hashem is unconditional love and truth. Torah is truth and love. Truth and love are stronger and far more enduring than power and control.
Abusing your power and authority to silence victims of child sexual abuse,
as you have in my case, has nothing to do with Torah, and should not, and will not, last.
Genendy Eisgrau