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Satmar Transylvanian Vampire Blood-suckers

Boorey Deutsch added 3 new photos — with Shneur Seewaldand 12 others.
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My dear friends, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers:
Here I am, standing with a voice in the public, with no fear today, on behalf of victims that are still out there with no voice. Here I stand for those who cannot stand here yet, but soon will.
Our lives were kidnapped, our trust was kidnapped by monsters, and our futures are being held for ransom by the communities. They have kept us quite for so many years, for so many years the community and the family of the accused bribed and threatened us to stay quite.
Nevertheless, today we say NO, why do we say NO?
Because we don’t want to see anyone else go through what we went through. The pain and suffering, physically and emotionally, is so much and so painful, we don’t even have enough time in the world to describe it, because that is how far it goes.
The pain goes beyond limits. Some of us have very bad breakdowns when it comes to certain things that remind us from the past. While some can’t talk about the past, others are stronger.

Personally, the past has hit me strongly; it hit me in many ways. It often hits everyone in a different way, for me personally, however, it made me stronger. It made me a lot of a stronger person; it gave me the will and power to help other people. It gave me the power to help save the future.
I fought a community, not physically and not with hate, I fought them with love. I fought them with the truth, I fought FOR them, I fought to save THEM.
Most of you here know what I had to go through to open up the minds of so many in the Williamsburg community and communities alike around the world. It took days, weeks and years of sleepless nights to do what I have done, it was not easy, it was not fun, but it was worth it.
I was offered bribes worth over a half million dollars to let a monster roam the streets, and allow him to kill more of our children. I was threatened that I will lose my business; I was threatened that I will be killed. The exact words stated to me was "you may be stronger then the whole Satmer community but you’re not stronger than a bullet, within the next 3 years you will be killed". I was told that I will go to jail one day.
The community used their newspapers such as Der Yid and Der Blat to ostracize my wife and me. They used it to declare war on us and on all victims of sexual abuse out there. We had no choice but to use the non-Jewish newspapers such as the Daily News The Post and so on. We needed the word to get out, we needed the help of the outside to get to the people from the inside to listen to both sides of the story, not just to lies and bluff and hate on victims. We have been called all kinds of names for going to the news, but they were allowed to use their own media to accuse the abused and call us liars etc.
They have revictimized many sexually abused victims around the world, but we chose to fight back, to help save the future from these monsters, and to open up the minds of the Jewish Nation.
Today, Friday 10/23/2015 the Satmer community chose to pick once again the side of a monster, Nechamya Weberman. They chose to call the victim and its family names, again, and they chose to say prayers for a monster to be released from prison, again. They still stick by him even after he has killed so many children out there by sexually abusing them. He had no mercy on them, but the community has on him, the very same person who wouldn’t hesitate to abuse their very own children behind closed doors.
The problem in many communities is not that they don't believe these things are happening within the community, the problem is that they don’t want to believe it, they don’t want to face the problem.
His oldest son Yoely tried bribing family members and friends of the survivor to testify that we were lying, but it has not worked out for him for it is obviously untrue. He keeps forgetting that God was the one who untimely chose to keep that monster locked away, and his children safe.
I can understand that his son wants his father out of prison, but not this way, not through bribery, not through fabricating lies and not through threats.
So, to all you out there who are trying to take this story and turn it around and make things look wrong from right, it won’t help you. This person is where he belongs and where he should be, and it is for all your and your children’s protection.
Instead of taking the opportunity to thank us for saving your own and your children’s lives you people chose to hate us. Think out of the box for a moment, think if this happened to you or your family member, think of how you would feel if you were the victim here.... Just think!!!
Sending out messages with names claiming they are going to testify or they did and or whatever else you guys are sending out, just to make it clear, it’s full of lies. It is just another tactic of trying to make you think the monster is just an innocent man. To you who typed all these false messages up and sent them around, you should know that you have blood on your hands.
Regarding the appeal everyone is talking about, I’ll make it simple and clear:
In any case after any person is sentenced, the accused has a right to try and appeal their case. It doesn't mean he is innocent or that he will go free, it’s a simple law that allows people who were convicted to try and appeal.
(Just some of photos of messages i have received through out this case are attached)
~Boorey Deutsch~
Shabbat Shalom!!

Messages sent to Weberman victim's Husband
by Satmar Weberman supporters